Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who needs a car?!

Full, for the record, this keg was delivered in a car. Acropolis car service, to be exact. I met the guy at the beer place and gave him my address and told him I would meet him there.

He was a nice older Greek driver who said, "Bike, the best! I drive. You use legs! Good. " As he drove up along aside me on Newtown Road he rolled down the passenger side window and shouted in Greek, "Grab on, I'll take you!" I declined. And of course I beat him home. I gave him $11 on a $7 delivery. Full kegs are just as heavy as I remember them to be, from when I was a bartender. No, we weren't really pouring beer from my bike, though that would be cool. I emptied the keg of the bottom-of-the-barrel skunk beer before putting it on my bike.

Taking the empty keg back on my back was much easier than I thought, in part thanks to my friend's perfectly sized heavy-duty bungee cord. The deposit for keg and pump, FYI, is $140 cash.

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