Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Biking in the snow?

I love it!


Anonymous said...

What kind of tires do you ride in the snow?

PCM said...

Last night I was riding my standard smooth skinny-tired road bike tires (700 X 23). I wasn't riding aggressively, granted, but they were just fine.

It was particularly fun going over the Q-boro Bridge, which was covered with snow.

If I road regularly on a snow trail, then I would probably consider buying "snow tires."

John said...

Yeah, me too! I was totally white when I got home. Good times.

I ended up investing in studded tires. I haven't used them before. It sounds like I am riding on gravel but I figure avoiding just one fall with a broken arm and they are worth it. I am trying to make the whole winter on the bike. This is my first real change I have had to do it.

PCM said...

I arrived home and announced I was Snowy McSnowerson.

If you don't fall just once, anything is worth it. But I've never fallen in the snow (actually, once in Boston I did go down on ice. But I was barely moving and wasn't hurt).

I just don't think snow is such a big deal. It's not that different from biking without snow. Just don't break or turn too suddenly.

And hell, it barely snows here in NYC.

Generally I won't bike if there is snow cover on the street. But that's like once a year here in New York. And it's not the snow I'm afraid of but the bad pavement hiding beneath it.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to bike through this winter in NYC. I even rode through the nasty storm on Friday. I did find it annoying yto have to walk my bike up the QB bridge since I had zero traction with smooth 700 x 23s.

Does the city ever plow the bridge bike lane (I'm assuming no)? Any suggestions for knobby tires that would help with the snow and are 28 or 30 max width?

PCM said...

I can always get on the bridge, but I didn't go up it on Friday. Did you put all your weight toward the rear (basically just sit on the seat)? I find that it's hard to position yourself like that when you can't get good traction. But if you can, you do.

Of course, I bet I weigh more than you.

Actually, the city does a pretty job on the bridge. If anything, they usually oversalt it.

Anonymous said...

March 2, 2009
Snow was too high at 8 inches to bike properly in Long Island City. I kept tipping over and decided to hop on the subway, instead.

PCM said...

I too am planning on the N train today!