Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gilighan Qabista is the best cab driver in NYC

Gil Avineri, aka Gilighan Qabista, is my favorite cab driver. That's because of his comments to the previous post:
Whenever I make a turn in my taxi, I always have a body count in mind of how many bicyclists I saw as I drove down that block, before I slowed down for the turn. I wave them on if it's a left turn or just sit there patiently with a right turn signal. In my opinion, bicycles always deserve the right of way because it's much more of an exertion for them to re accelerate than it is for motorists or pedestrians. That's just to name one reason. And I can't stand it when I see another cab cut off a bike. I always chase them down and give them a lecture. They are, after all, my fellow yellow comrades.
He really won me over when he started taking about bicyclists' momentum. He keeps a nice blog about, well, driving a taxi. He's also starting a blog geared toward fellow taxi cab drivers.

He also provides a link to other cab blogs. Some of very interesting. Like cabs are kissing.

The Qabista describes himself as a: "nomadic collage journalist currently driving a taxi in new york city in order to help younger sister through college and also to collect a solid grasp on human consciousness."

I'm a bit too old (and I'm under 40) to be able to handle his his myspace page. But maybe the kids out there can dig it.

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