Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Great bike carries

First there was this great picture on Elyse Sewell's excellent blog (yes, there really is at least one model out there with looks and brains... and she just happens to like travel, food, and bikes. Oh, deary me).
Imagine the planning session that preceded this expedition. If you have access to a good mental cholo (I mean, if there's a cholo in your head who can perform the dialog, not a fleshly cholo who is "mental" in the British sense), ask him to read it to you. That's the accent I'm imagining.

"How're we gonna get all this shit back to the place?"

"We could load up your trike."

Then the discovery that the pedals could not be reached!

"We're gonna need more guys."

You can't even see that the guy on the blue electric bike behind the company is also pushing from the back!

In the comments, Stickgirl gives this picture:"It was even better when the pigs started squealing and I realized they were still alive."

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John said...

I am glad to see more great bike carries. I likes the beer keg you carried a while back. I found this through ANT bikes web page. I so want the 5 rail one with his new struts. I just can't justify it until I bend the crap out of my current basket.