Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Urban Repair Squad

Make your own bike lanes! URS Rocks. Here's the whole manual. Please apply to Astoria and NYC.

These guys also have a blog.

Meanwhile I'm turning on the giant bat-light-like bike-light on my roof to encourage more action like this. Save us, Urban Repair Squad. We need you!


Zora said...

So great! I love that the diagrams for the bike box point out that car drivers can ogle bikers' asses from behind.

And I love the Engrish on the last page.

Gilighan Qabista said...

Yes, those are neatly drawn illustrations. Whenever I make a turn in my taxi, I always have a body count in mind of how many bicyclists I saw as I drove down that block, before I slowed down for the turn. I wave them on if it's a left turn or just sit there patiently with a right turn signal. In my opinion, bicycles always deserve the right of way because it's much more of an exertion for them to re accelerate than it is for motorists or pedestrians. That's just to name one reason. And I can't stand it when I see another cab cut off a bike. I always chase them down and give them a lecture. They are, after all, my fellow yellow comrades.

PCM said...


You're my favorite cab driver in the world! Thank you for being so kind to bikes. May our paths cross some day (though not in a literal sense with me on bike on you in cab).

Can also add that in general, I think cab drivers get a bad rap in terms of their driving. By and large, I think cabbies are professionals and better drivers than the average NYC driver.

That being said, I do have rule when biking to stay alive: Never, and I mean never, get between a cabbie and his fair.