Friday, January 23, 2009

Tribo... RFK Bridge Update

I took the RFK (nee Triborough) Bridge into Manhattan today and am pleased to report that there is major construction (well, major construction for a bike path). Without knowing for sure, it seems, to my amateur eyes, that they are in the process of removing all the stairs on the top part of the path over Hell Gate (between Astoria and Ward Island). In the meantime, there are lots of stairs.

Also, the bridge is very passable. There was snow in the morning that could be ridden over with care and by the afternoon it had all mostly melted.

The south side of the to-Harlem part of the bridge (between Manhattan and Randalls Island) is closed for almost all of 2009. North side is open.

And of course, be careful coming back in the Astoria for the bump toward the end of the downhill that once got me.

And, uh, oh yeah, don't forget it's forbidden to ride your bike on the bike path.


Anonymous said...

I have walked\biked that bouncy lane(boy that bridge has lots of traffic and it sways) on the Triboro and its pretty freaky even walking the top middle part with no fence there and its only maybe elbow high with the railing. Im sure you know what I mean. I hope that changes if theres actually a new lane on the south side of the bridge.
Quite the view though.

PCM said...

I hope that doesn't change!

What do you want, the thing chain-linked in? That's what they would have done if it were a city bridge and not part of a different agency.