Thursday, February 26, 2009

Car Free Broadway?!

Wow. Too good to be true. 42nd St to 47th St.

The city plans to close several blocks of Broadway to vehicle traffic through Times Square and Herald Square, an experiment that would turn swaths of the Great White Way into pedestrian malls and continue Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s effort to reduce traffic congestion in Midtown.

Although it seems counterintuitive, officials believe the move will actually improve the overall flow of traffic, because the diagonal path of Broadway tends to disrupt traffic where it intersects with other streets.
Read the whole story in the Times.


John said...

That is amazing for pedestrians!!! I will still stay the hell away on the bike, too many people. Slow and steady progress.

Dengar said...

Hey All,

I was wondering if anyone knew of a bike meet up in Astoria. I;m going to have some time on my hands this summer and was hoping to find a group to ride with.
PSM - I would have e-mailed you directly but I can't find out how to e-mail yo over