Sunday, March 29, 2009

Killing pedestrians should be a crime

Kind of a no-brainer. But usually, the driver isn't even charged! Part of the problem is that it's not exactly clear what crime is committed when a car jumps the curb and mows down innocent people.

Here's the answer: make driving on the sidewalk an arrestable offense. It's not something you have to arrest a driver for. But when you come on the scene and somebody is dead, it gives police something to charge the driver with.


Anonymous said...

Drivers are rarely charged here for hit and runs that happen every week.

PCM said...

That is the greater problem. But we could start by making it a crime when they drive on the sidewalk to do so.

Ajlouny said...

A hit and run is a totally different subject then an accident of hitting someone. Leaving someone to die at the scene of a accident is criminal and cowardly.