Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stop the Pistillis

What do I have against the Pistillis? They build ugly buildings in my neighborhood!

Here's a little about their shitty conversion on Astoria Park. My neighbor, a super, told me a while back that there was already mold in the place.

And their latest sure-to-be shit job, on Newtown Ave, will not only be ugly. But it also blocks the sun from hitting my home in the winter. Damn you, Pistilli!


Anonymous said...

Yeah about the one by astoria park, I follow, and there's an ongoing thread of complaints against the pistillis.

John said...

I moved here in 2007. Right when that place was opening. Ugly damn thing. Thanks for the before pics, it was a nice building before, it could have been a great conversion. Insteed, gag... Expensive, too... Really dumb.

Same with that huge construction near Newtown and 30th Ave. Imagine living in the house next to it. Aweful.