Friday, March 27, 2009

Van Kills Pregnant Woman on Sidewalk

From the story in the Times
There were two men in the front seat, a driver and passenger, and the passenger was leaning out the window and yelling at and harassing the women, Mr. Contreras said, citing his coworker’s account. All of a sudden, he said, the van shot up suddenly onto the curb.
The van appeared to have gone onto the sidewalk at a 45-degree angle and to have knocked over a Muni-Meter (a kind of parking meter that controls multiple spaces), a black metal signpost and a metal yellow bollard, one of two put in front of the Muni-Meter to prevent it from being knocked over.
Mr. Contreras’s footage showed the injured women lying on the ground. He said of the woman who died, “She was almost cut in half. I feel sick.”

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