Monday, April 27, 2009

Origami Bikes

More rave reviews for the Brompton Folder.

But really, what is it about some people that need to point out: "Below is a picture of me.... Note my helmet which I always wear when I ride." That's nice. When you take a picture of your fancy car, do you point out the seat belts?

I wrote about Brompton here. Too bad they don't send me one for free. The one big advantage Brompton has over the Swift Folder--also a very good bike and made right here in NYC--is that you can roll the Brompton when it's folded.

And this use of a folding bike as a shopping cart is brilliant!


AV said...

What's funny is that he's holding his helmet like a bowling ball.

Paul said...

You should also look at the Origami Bicycle Company. Their Crane model folds up nice and neat and weighs only 24 lbs! Check it out at

PCM said...

Cool. And not expensive either. I think I still have my heart set on a Brompton. But I'm not at all certain it's worth the extra money.