Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Broadway in Manhattan is beautiful. I strolled. I relaxed. I put my feet up. I had a snack. I even flirted with a woman (she was my wife, but whatever).

Everybody has happy (despite the slight drizzle). A worker from Duane Reade came up to us and asked why all the chairs were there. "Is there some concert." I explained it to her. "There will be no cars," she said hopefully, "like forever and ever?!"


But where did all those chairs come from? Brilliant. Because without the chairs, there would be no photo-op. But photo-op or not, it was nice to sit down, particularly on the lounge chairs on the north end.

But the bike lane is gone.

But I'm willing to say good-bye. It was perhaps the shittiest bike line in NYC. Even though they put in so much effort. And it was one I almost never took, given the slant of Broadway and the fact I live in Astoria.

Let the pedestrians have the area. Hopefully 6th and 7th Avenues will get nice bike lanes to make up for the loss on Broadway.

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John said...

Holy cripe!!!

My wife's friends came in from France just Wednesday night. Of course, the first stop was Times Square that very night. The bright lights and noise help keep them awake so they can adjust to our time. I was amazed at the differance!!! It seemed so quiet! Quiet for Times Square anyway. It was nice to have all that room to walk, stand and stare... And to see people SITTING in Times square and looking up at the lights, it was surreal.


You are right, though. I will still avoid it like a pague when on the bike. ICK, it is still terrible for that.