Sunday, May 03, 2009

NYC Master Bike Plan and a place to drink

I'm strangely satisfied that I can finally ride in painted bike lanes for a few blocks on my commute to work (on 28th and 29th Streets). It's the first improvement to my bike commute since I moved to Astoria seven years ago.

Yesterday I biked from home to Williamsburg and then to Manhattan. You know, if you squint a bit, the NYC bike route "system" is finally starting to gel ever so slightly. You can ride in bike routes, mostly with painted bike lines, for a good chunk of the way.

It's a much more relaxing ride trusting signs and being in a bike lane.

And I think I discovered a secret route south! Cross Queensplaza on 28th St. Just head straight across. There's a light and everything. Then you can merge with Jackon Ave (avoiding the nasty part of Queensplaza) or zig zag a bit until eventually you get to 21st or 19th Street and the bridge to Brooklyn. Is it better than cutting west before the bridge? I don't know. But the streets over there are well paved and not very trafficked. And it's something new.

Also, an excellent new cocktail bar opened up in the desert of Jackson Ave. Classy but unpretentious. Great for a breather and that extra drink you don't need on the ride home from Brooklyn. Dutch Kills. 2724 Jackson Ave.

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