Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pulaski Bridge Speeding

I biked to Brooklyn today and took the road rather than the sidewalk over the Pulaski Bridge. On the Brooklyn side there was a cop with a radar gun. So I stopped and asked him what the average speed of cars coming down the bridge is.

"In the 50s. One hit 62."

The speed limit is 30 mph.


Anonymous said...

And what exactly was the cop doing about the speeding?

PCM said...

Giving tickets, I presume. There were two cars. I did not stick around to watch.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! They got me i was doing 51 but i din't see any speed sign from Queens to Brooklyn

George k said...

really,,, 51,,, what a coincidence,,,, he said i hit 51 also.... when did you get yours???