Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bike Breakfast

With this breakfast design, one will never be too late at work or school again. When you have overslept, the first thing you do to hurry up is skipping your breakfast. To prevent that skipping, Philipp Drexler invented the Bikefast. Now you can jump on your bicycle and have your breakfast during the ride. Lay your breakfast on the tray and the edges will make sure your breakfast won’t fall down on the ground.
Sure it's dorky. But once I realized that all bikers look dorky to non-bikers, I kind of like the idea.

I mean, in the time it takes me to eat a souvlaki from the guy at 31st and 31st, I could be at 36th Ave!

1 comment:

C Smith said...

I bike in Astoria too- that contraption is awesome! Better to be dorky than hungry ;)