Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Vote Lynne Serpe for City Council

My union just endorsed Peter Vallone. That's a bad choice.

Peter Vallone likes cars, parking, and voting against congestion pricing.

He's also shown incredible ignorance (and that's giving him the benefit of the doubt since the alternative is downright maliciousness) toward many of the businesses and residents of his district.

In November, vote for Lynne Serpe. Vote for Lynne because, well, one: she's not Peter Vallone. Two: she likes bikes. Or at least she liked my bike when I ran into her on the street and she was gathering signatures.

Vote for Lynne Serpe. I assume it won't be easy to beat Vallone. But it can done. And I thought Vallone would be out with term limits. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

I am voting Serpe because she talks about healthy school lunches. Let's stop feeding fattening gruel to our children.

Anonymous said...

Vallone is also extremely pro-Rockefellar Drug laws, if that matters to anyone.

PCM said...

Oh, yes it does! But that's only because of my actually professional occupation.

Anonymous said...

i'm voting vallone because he has passed some of the most progressive green laws in our city, like plastic bag recycling and fighting against powerplants..he has also put A LOT of bike lanes into the city.

PCM said...

Serpe would vote for all the good stuff Vallone did.

And I can't forgive Vallone for voting against congestion pricing.