Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bill Thompson is a big fat idiot

I don't easily disparage Democrats. But according to Streetblog and Downtown Express, outspent mayoral candidate Bill Thompson has questioned, in particular, bike lanes in Astoria:
He said last week that he would have his transportation commissioner take a new look at any lanes that seemed to be problematic, such as along Grand St. and in Astoria....

Bloomberg, in an interview the next day, cited the expansion of bike lanes as one of many things that have gotten better under his leadership.
The only thing problematic about bike lanes in Astoria is we have so damn few of them!

I'm voting for Bloomberg. You should too. And that's despite all the campaign propaganda I get from him. If you want to root for an underdog, follow the Cubs. In the meantime, let's keep the (recently) most pro-bike mayor in power.

Life without Janette Sadik-Khan? That's no life at all.


Anonymous said...

You just lost me as a subscriber.

PCM said...

That's OK. Your subscription check never cleared.

Conrad said...

This is a total no win election. Thompson is a joke.

s.m. koppelman said...

I so badly wanted to be done with Bloomberg. All we needed was a half-decent Democratic candidate. Instead, we've got a guy who wants to undo... better traffic flow in Midtown? A doubling or tripling of bike commuting? Safer streets? What?

If Thompson were running against Dinkins in the 1993 general election, he'd be vowing to undo the grafitti-proofing of subway cars, to call for fewer beat cops, and to scrap the then half-built Arthur Ashe Stadium because, y'know, he's against anything the incumbent ever did.

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