Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jay Walder seems very smart

At least in the profile on him in the Times.
“We’re on a bus right now where every seat is full,” he said. “How many people are on this bus? Seventy-five? But we haven’t prioritized this bus any differently than a car which has one person in it.”...“One person’s use of a road impacts upon another person’s use of the road. My point is, if we have to make a choice, make the choice for the bus, not for the car.”
Walder is the new chairman of the MTA.

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John said...

He does seem like a smart man. I like the idea of a light rail but, I think that an bus structure would be a better route. We already have the Streets avalable, and keep tham "maintained". Current busses that are eco-efficent are not that bad. The benifit is that it will be easier/cheeper to constantly update and improve bus eco-economy over the years.

I rely on the trains, and hardly ever take a bus. Well, I hardly ever go anywhere that I don't ride the bike, but I do know the trains in case I was to have a mechanical issue. But I will love watching to see how Jay Walder does his work.

Thanks for the NY Times link.