Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Try Honking At Me

Of course it takes two to tangle.

But the only thing that should really matter here is that a cab driver, licensed by the city... purposefully used his cab as a weapon and slammed into a pedicab. How does anything--honking, fighting, coffee throwing, garbage can throwing--compare to that?! This man should not be driving.

And honking for anything other than danger is a ticketable traffic offense (and also rude, selfish, and really annoying). So the taxi driver did start it all, for whatever that's worth.

But I guess those of us who don't drive are just expected to bend over and take it all and always.

The only shame is that the pedicab driver got whupped in the fight.

(See Streetsblog for more.)

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Anonymous said...

"Cars and why I hate them?" I hate to tell you, but the same people that drive cars ride bikes, and walk too. Everybody feels that everybody else is in the way! No respect, no patience, and no brains. I've been riding a bike, driving, and walking too:) for many years, and I see the decline in abilities in each. Basically a F.U. attitude. Is anything going to change, well if WE don't start, it never will.