Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Driver convicted of bike crash

That headline is as rare as "man bites dog"!

Of course it took the driver, Christopher Thomas Thompson, a medical doctor, to tell police that he wanted to "teach them a lesson." And it wasn't the first time he tried to kill bicyclists. His M.O. is to pass the bikes--who were, in this case, actually going the speed limit--pull in front of the bikes, and then slam on the brakes.

Of course if he had just said, "It was an accident," probably nothing would have happened to him. Or the bikes would been at fault for rear-ending the car.

NPR has the story from L.A. I love the guy who complains that, "These bicyclists ... take up the road — four, five people at a time." Thus preventing him, one asshole in a car, from driving just a little faster.

The story also points out, "It's actually legal to ride side by side in the streets of L.A."

More in Velonews.

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