Friday, February 12, 2010

Broadway to stay open to pedestrians!

Half of me says, with a heavy dose of sarcasm, "What a surprise!" The other half of me breaths a huge sigh of relief and says, "Thanks fucking God!"

Thank you, Mike! I was worried, but it's OK. (and I especially liked how the other day you said, "People will say, 'Ay yi yi, I wish I had listed to that guy!'").

The story in the Times.

Here's Mike looking a bit "Right-Stuff" like.


Peter said...

In another positive development the gate at the Manhattan ramp of the Queensboro Bridge has been open. Any idea how long we'll have easier access to 2nd avenue?

I've always hated the fact that, in order to obey all the traffic laws, a bicyclist is forced to go 6 blocks out of their way if they want to head downtown.

PCM said...

That's great news. I haven't biked over the bridge in a while (this winter I've discovered the joy of being able to read on the subway).

The gate is huge pet peeve of mine. Not just for bikes, but for pedestrians! Let's hope it stays open.

Peter said...

I miss reading very much. But I haven't gotten a cold this winter (it's the first winter I'm biking fairly regularly).

Regarding the new traffic pattern coming down off the bridge into Manhattan:
I don't like the way I'm forced to ride across 60th street before heading downtown. I got very familiar with heading down 2nd ave. However, there is a bus only lane on Lexington [that had an empty police car parked in it on EVERY BLOCK down to 55th], I like the bus only lanes because I only have to worry about traffic on one side of me.

Peter said...

Gate at the base of the Manhattan ramp was closed this morning :(

Oh well.