Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Queensboro Bridge (Manhattan Side)

I'm kind of afraid to write about this less somebody "corrects" the situation. But on the Manhattan side of the Queensboro Bridge, it's been great ever since the barrier blocking the pedestrian and bike exit has been nudged to the side.

Pedestrians no longer have to climb over a dirty metal barrier. And bicyclists going west no longer have to go four blocks out of the way, bothering pedestrians and riding on a brief but dangerous stint on 1st Avenue.

The impact on cars? None. Zero. They line up for the red light on 1st Ave just like they always have. I'd still like to talk to the idiot who decided that all bikes and pedestrians from Queens needs to exit on 1st Avenue.

Now how to we get it to stay this way? We probably have a little while, as the rehab of the tram won't be done any time soon.

And while we're at, I have a few great ideas as to how to make 2nd Ave and the bridge exit leagues better for bikes with no major expense and zero impact on cars. Why does nobody ever ask me?


K6-III said...

Another HUGE vote in favor of the new "temporary" exit becoming permanent.

Peter said...

This is something I've been thinking about a lot as well. What are your thoughts for how to route bike commuters wishing to go south and west from the bridge?

My City Councilman is very responsive to citizen input, for what it's worth. That's a sensible place to start.

PCM said...

I have a feeling that your councilman is not my councilman. Hopefully yours covers the Manhattan side of the bridge. Regardless, it certainly is worth a try. I'll make my suggestions a separate post.