Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stop with the honking

I hate honking cars. Probably more than most people. I mean, have you thrown eggs at honking cars? And that's only after getting pissed off, putting on pants, leaving my house, and talking to the offending driver. And they still honk?! Usually, when the eggs flew, they were honking at the garbage trucks. That's a long time to be honking! (I haven't chucked an egg ever since I moved to a quieter block).

I've thought about solutions: what if you only gave drivers three honks per ride? Or fixed horns so you have to be moving? But all these could endanger safety at some point. And they involve complicated electronic tinkering.

I was just going through a Transportation Alternatives email discussion and came across this brilliant idea (I'd be happy to give credit, but don't want to without permission):
Make car horns punishingly loud inside cars as well as outside. That way people will still use them for safety but not for mere aggression.
Now why didn't I think of that? So simple. So brilliant. And it would be so effective. If you're willing to listen to your own horn, lay on it. In the meantime, stop thinking about only yourself, you selfish self-obsessed driving schmuck! Now how can we make it happen?


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Lawrence said...

Which do you hate more, honking or car alarms?

PCM said...

That's a devil's choice.... I guess car alarms at home and horns when I'm biking.

But if I could get rid of just one or the other, I'd get rid of horns.

Philippe et Christiane said...

I arrived at the same conclusion in 2011. You were faster than me... If you don't like beeps and honks, take a look at our new web site and tell me what you think. www.hornfree.org.