Friday, September 03, 2010

Astoria Bike's Guide to Queens' Streets

“In Queens, to find locations best...”

[Sound of needle dropping and record scratching. Replaced with proper Queens beat.]
Roads, drives, streets and lanes.
Most have numbers,
But some have names!

Queens is manic,
And the grid’s no good.
So you gotta not panic,
To find our hood.

Streets and avenues run opposite ’hattan,
And the ave’s go up as you walk to Staten.
But before you go and pop champagne,
You gotta learn this: street place lane.


Between the avenues, come roads then drives,
But one more thing, or you won’t arrive.
The dash don’t matter, but it’s like the cross street.
Very nice if you're walking with tired flatfeet.
But you still gotta take this from Butler: "Even numbers you will meet/Upon the west and south of street."

Feel free to make up your own. Winner gets everlasting borough-wide fame!

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