Friday, March 18, 2011

Bike Under the Train

This would be way cool... if not exactly entirely necessary.

The Randall’s Island Connector, part of the South Bronx Greenway, would run underneath an Amtrak trestle and create a new link to bike or walk between the South Bronx and Manhattan.


Armchair Showgirl said...

Hiya, this doesn't relate exactly to the post but I wanted to ask a question! I live in Astoria and I have a bike but I'm scared shitless to use it the way I want to -- i.e. to commute to and from work. I've looked up bike routes between Astoria and where I work (Herald Sq. area) and it always looks like there's some really hairy part where I have to cut across five lanes of traffic to make a left turn. Can you recommend the most safesty-safe route? Also, are there such things as bike-pools, like, a group of commuters that ride together? (Am I the only person this terrified of cars??) Thanks for your great blog, keep it up!

PCM said...

Don't be scared... unless you're not comfortable with riding a bike or your riding skill. But if you can ride a bike well, don't be afraid of the city. Respect the city. Stay alert. Ride aggressively if you have to. Sometimes being passive is more dangerous. And biking down the Avenues in Manhattan is never really ideal. But you should still do it.

And all that said, the turns aren't the problem. The only place I can think you're talking about is Queensbridge meets 2nd Ave. What you do there is loop around clockwise under the bridge on 1st Ave. The downside (but still safest route) is you bike against traffic for two short stretches.

See #2 on this post to see what I'm talking about.

One you're in Manhattan, I'd just zig zag at will, there's no real better or worse way to get to Herald Square. And have some fun: bike up and around Grand Central every now and then!

PCM said...

As to the rest of your questions, I don't know much about groups. To me it kind of defeats the fun and individual freedom of biking.

And honestly, I don't think there is much safety in numbers. It is about you. To stay safe, you have to be a bit selfish when you ride. Other bikers can lull you into a false sense of security... And then those fucking cars attack!

Don't be afraid of being terrified of cars. It's good to remember they can kill you. But keep in mind, by and large, they're not out to get you. And even then don't let the bastards get you down!

(and I like your vintage fashion!)

Lawrence said...

How cool would that be?! I commute across the triboro bridge (excuse me, the RFK) on a regular basis, and despite the fact that they eliminated one set of stairs with a ramp, it is really not bike-friendly. Yes, it is do-able, no it's not particularly pleasant. And then there are those 'Bicycle Riders Prohibited' signs you bike past... How many times have I looked over at the nice, level, car-free Hell Gate bridge with longing in my eyes...?

Anyway, the 59th street bridge (excuse me, the Koch bridge) route into Manhattan is pretty painless. Kind of an awkward transition on and off the bridge, but not terrible. Just remember that anything with 4 (or more) wheels is actively trying to kill you.