Sunday, June 12, 2011

I see England, I see France...

There are many why I like biking in Amsterdam:

Cars give you right of way; pedestrians give you right of way; there are nice bike paths; distances are short; you're considered normal; there are good, practical bikes; you casually meet friend biking in the other direction...

Man the list goes on and on.

But one of the reasons biking in Holland is nice is that women have no problem peddling with short skirts.

What? They do. You want me to say it? OK: I like seeing ladies' underpants as the peddle toward me! Is that so wrong?

It might be in New York.

Oh, Jasmijn Rijcken, you have a beautiful Dutch name (don't be fooled by the "ij," it's just a long i sound--her name is pronounced YasMINE RIken), and, you know what? You are awfully cute. In this one story you've done more to make biking cool in New York City than all the members of Transportation Alternatives put together! Please keep biking!

(And notice her bike has a nifty built-in headlight!)

Friday, June 10, 2011

If only!

Bike lane added to Second Ave. Subway:
Dana Muskowitz, spokesman for the Gotham Motorists Association, expressed bewilderment at the plan, stating “our city’s relentless promotion of a trivial hobby at the expense of drivers’ urgent needs has reached unacceptable heights. Seriously, is the Mayor in the pocket of the front-mounted basket industry?”

Wolfson acknowledged that the Second Avenue bike lane was likely to face criticism. “Bike lanes have become a third rail in the city’s politics. So isn't eighteen inches from a third rail the most natural place to put those lanes?” Continued Wolfson, “allowing underground cycling is an environmentally friendly way of moving traffic around the city, not to mention the potential to dramatically reduce the number of cyclists who are struck by lightning.”

Saturday, June 04, 2011


Progressing at a snail's pace, the Queensplaza bike line has got to open soon. Can they work any slower?

Anyway, it's looking pretty good. And it really does tackle the mess that soon will be was Queensplaza.

The Oldest Manhole Cover in Astoria

OK, I just made that up, but it may be true. I suspect this cover and the granite slab predate the dissolution of Long Island City in 1898. That's old!

Where is this gem? Hiding in plain sight at Trade Fair, at the corner of 30th and 30th.

I actually noticed the old stone first when water was poring into it during the rainy weeks. Only then did LIC jump out at me. I haven't noticed any others (not that I walk around staring at manhole covers or anything, ahem).