Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cities and Bike Culture

About the Netherlands. From the NYT:
But while many Americans see their cars as an extension of their individual freedom, to some of us owning a car is a burden, and in a city a double burden. I find the recrafting of the city in order to lessen — or eliminate — the need for cars to be not just grudgingly acceptable, but, yes, an expansion of my individual freedom. So I say (in this case, at least): Go, social-planning technocrats! If only America’s cities could be so free.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Astoria Bike. :)

I looked everywhere for an e-mail, but no luck , so I hope you don't mind. The Broadway Library, Astoria is going to have a Bike program on Monday August 8th,2011.-Actually 2 other Queens-Astoria/LIC libraries are giving the same program, different nights.
If you e-mail me, I will give you all the details.