Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bikes more a threat than trucks, it turns out.

At least that's what you would gather from the NYPD:
The NYPD issued more summonses to cyclists than truck drivers last year: truckers got 14,962 moving violation summonses and 10,415 Criminal Court summonses, while cyclists got 13,743 moving violation summonses and a whopping 34,813 Criminal Court summonses. Priorities!
Here's the whole story in Gothamist, covering a city council meeting where the NYPD was held to account for this absurdity.


Cyclonaut said...

Trying to learn a safe route through LIC to the 59th street bridge was tricky business for me. It took me more than a week to settle on a safe route. I was entrapped into riding on the sidewalk in LIC when a cop car pulled in front of me when I was riding in the right lane. I was coached by the officer issuing the ticket on what to say in court to get out of paying a fine. A higher ranking officer was coaching the younger officer with what to tell me from his passenger seat the whole time. I sat in court for hours on two separate days with drunk driving offenders and the like, and had to plead not guilty 3 times before finally, on the second day, I stood before a judge who threw out the charges. Total waste for all parties involved. I've started an HD ride report blog based out of Astoria. I love my neighborhood, it is definitely a safe cycling haven. I hope you don't mind the link, thanks. Feel free to contact me if you like. Astoria HD

Stew said...

I don't get why bikes can be more of a threat than trucks but for what it's worth, there should be more safeguard for bikes. DUI attorney Sand diego