Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stupid Headline of the Day

From Gothamist: "CitiBike, NYC's Bike Share, Will Cost $77 For A Four-Hour Ride." Oh my gosh!!! Who has $77 for a 4-hour ride? They're not free! Except they kind of are... if you're willing to by a year membership for $95. The idea is you don't take one of these for a four-hour ride. The purpose is to get from point A to point B. And almost all Point A's and Point B's are less than 45 minutes from each other, by bike. And for less than 45 minutes, the bike is free (that said, 60 minutes might have been better). But if your commute is more than 45 minutes one way, maybe you should have your own bike. Here's the idea. You're not supposed to lock the bike and see a movie. You're not supposed to keep the bike with you as you make out with your loved one on the water front. You're supposed to get a bike, ride the bike to another bike station, and leave it there. That is how it works. And it seems to work well in other cities. Let's hope it works well here. Here's the actual pricing scheme.

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