Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Thank you for not stealing my bike

I've always suspected that a good chuck of stolen bikes aren't locked. Why? Because we all forget to lock our bike every now and then. Two days ago I pulled up to my house, put my bike in it's "parking place" outside, and started chatting with my neighbor and petting his dogs. Then I brought in my groceries and beer and that was that. About 30 hours later I leave the house and go to hop on my bike. I notice, quite obviously, that the U-lock is hanging from the handlebars. Not only is the bike not locked but even the casual passer-by would see so. Luckily, my bike was still there. So thank you, Astoria, for not stealing my bike. I promise to try and not let this happen again.

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Cyclonaut said...

Wow, super lucky! The bike gods are smiling down on you for sure!