Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No Plaza

In a sham of a meeting -- where the speaker somehow ignored the fact the 3/4 of the people present supported the plaza -- the community board voted 25-7 against the plaza. The business owners of 30th Ave have spoken. Now I'm just waiting to see am ambulance go down Newtown Ave... it's never happened before.

But the part that really upsets me is that people on the board somehow decided that only those who live in 11102 get a voice... when HALF THE COMMUNITY BOARD DOESN'T FRIGGIN' LIVE IN ASTORIA! You'd think there might be some kind of residence requirement to sit on a local community board... or least a residency requirement to attack those who don't. But no.


John said...


I live in 11102 now and am only 4 blocks from there (just past Trade Fair). When I lived in 11103 I was 10 blocks from there and was less likely to use it.

I only found out about the meeting today but I would have been banned from speaking anyway.

PCM said...

You wouldn't have been *banned*... you just would have been hooted and hollered at and made fun of (especially if you don't have a car).

But what really pisses me off is that these people who DON'T LIVE IN ASTORIA AT ALL are saying you have to live in 11102 to have a voice in the community (which I happen to, but anyway...).

Patricia Simmons said...

Perhaps, every time that this particular community board gets representative from the Astoria community, there will be an open area where they cast their votes. That way, all community board members are visibly residents of the said place.