Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lynne Serpe for City Council District 22

The good news is that our next City Council Representative will be an improvement because it won't be Peter Vallone Jr. That's great news. But it doesn't mean we'll have a good person in City Hall. Much less a good person who actually cares about bikes, pedestrians, and mass transit. And with no incumbent in this election, this is the best chance we'll ever have. It's now or never. And it matter because, among things, your city council representative picks members of the community board.

Lynne Serpe came up to me on a street corner a few years ago and said, "I like your bike." So of course I voted for her (yes, I'm that easy). But honestly, in that election, she didn't get too many other votes. That's why she needs to get the word out. And that's why she needs money. Your money. Because like it or not, money counts.

So help Lynne Serpe kick off her new campaign on Wednesday, June 5. And give her money.

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Lynne Serpe said...

Thanks for your support -- in 2009 and again this year.

I received around 3,500 votes last time (24%). With an open seat and at least four of us on the November ballot that gives me a strong start... but, yes, I need to earn more votes!