Friday, August 30, 2013


My man Andrew Jimenez and the Bicycle Repairman Corp featured in the Queens Times Ledger. It is the best bike store in Astoria and perhaps all of Queens (I don't know, I haven't tried them all).

Driver Found at Fault in Crash that Killed Bicyclist

Of course you won't see that headline in NYC. It's from San Francisco. What's interesting is how it happened. The San Fran bike coalition asked businesses if they had video footage. They had. The cops hadn't asked. The video shows the driver was at fault. As a side note, this was after a cop blocked the bike lane to teach about bike safety (the police chief later apologized for this). Of course none of this brings back a life. But a little justice is better than none. Now where is the video of the crash the maimed that poor British tourist?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

REBNY: Support Development and Rent Increases in Astoria! (and Vote for Costa)

Can you believe there's a landlord PAC (political action committee)? Of course you can. REBNY, the Real Estate Board of New York, gives a lot of money to local and state politicians through "Jobs for New York." (You're not against "jobs" are you?!) The goal of REBNY: public altruism, of course. Well, and would it be so bad if all that pesky zoning disappeared? And rent regulation is kind of problem. I mean, landlords can't take more of your money. Public funding for developments? That's good, too. I mean why should property investors have to foot the entire bill to build things to make them money? It's all a little absurd. Until you consider how much Clout REBNY has. They spend a lot of money in races that don't have a lot of money. At a local level, who does REBNY support? The Vallone's of course. REBNY has spent $113,134 for Paul Vallone. It's such chump change for REBNY. This compares to the $91,466 that Paul has spend himself! That's right REBNY outspends the people they support. It's dirty as hell (and legal). Here in City Council District 22 (Astoria north of 34th Ave), REBNY supports Costa Constantinides. They've spend $106,000 on his behalf (Costa for Council has spent $121,000). That's why you keep getting glossy paper with his name on it. What does REBNY get for this? Well, maybe you should ask Costa. After all, he can't control who spends money on his behalf. And it's not like REBNY expects an quid pro quo. Of course not. Keep thinking that till rent stabilization is abolished.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Where's my comment?

I just went through the comment spam filter and found a lot of comments that were not spam. They've finally been published. And they go back quite some time. Sorry about that.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Blame Canada

This is rich. And I can't believe it's being reported with a straight face. The cab who tried to kill a bike and maimed a tourist blames the bike. The cab admits he didn't see the bike before the bike started banging on his cab. That's what Sherlock Holmes would call a "clue." See, when you're obliviously driving along in a car, as the cab driver says he was, "I didn’t see [cyclist Kenneth Olivo] — only when he banged on my car. He is not good." Dude, he was banging on your car because you didn't see him! Think it like a friendly tap of the horn. The horn you so liberally applied before loosing your temper and trying to kill the bicyclist and then severing a poor girl's leg in the process. Banging on a car says, "I'm here, and you're way to close to me, and you might kill me!" I've banged on cars. I imagine every urban biker has banged on a car at least once. Not be be an asshole or damage the car. See a bike bell doesn't cut it when a car is veering into you. My life is at stake, you prick! This is from the Bike Snob:
He says Tuesday's accident happened after he accelerated to get around a bicyclist who he says pounded on his car and yelled at him. Oh, really? I thought you accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake. Ah, whatever. We all know how it works: the driver gets to try on as many stories as he wants until he finds one that fits. When I was sideswiped from behind some years back, the driver explained to me with a shrug that "I thought I could get around you." Oopsie! You couldn't. Instead you sent me sprawling on a busy avenue in evening rush-hour traffic. However, what she told the police and the insurance company was that I hit her--because, you know, I make a habit of riding my bicycle into cars in reverse. As for the messenger pounding on the cab and hitting it, that shouldn't matter. I don't care if the messenger slapped the cabbie across the face with his dick. Whatever happened, the cabbie tried to assault the cyclist with his car, he missed, and he ripped off a woman's legs instead.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fucking Cars

This is the second time in the past year cars have killed or maimed somebody right where I've been known to stand or sit. Christ. One minute you're sitting there eating a hot dog and the next minute you have no foot. Why? Because of speeding fucking cars! As one comment says: Giuliani put cattle fences in this area to protect cars from pedestrians. He should have put in bollards to protect pedestrians from cars.