Thursday, August 29, 2013

REBNY: Support Development and Rent Increases in Astoria! (and Vote for Costa)

Can you believe there's a landlord PAC (political action committee)? Of course you can. REBNY, the Real Estate Board of New York, gives a lot of money to local and state politicians through "Jobs for New York." (You're not against "jobs" are you?!) The goal of REBNY: public altruism, of course. Well, and would it be so bad if all that pesky zoning disappeared? And rent regulation is kind of problem. I mean, landlords can't take more of your money. Public funding for developments? That's good, too. I mean why should property investors have to foot the entire bill to build things to make them money? It's all a little absurd. Until you consider how much Clout REBNY has. They spend a lot of money in races that don't have a lot of money. At a local level, who does REBNY support? The Vallone's of course. REBNY has spent $113,134 for Paul Vallone. It's such chump change for REBNY. This compares to the $91,466 that Paul has spend himself! That's right REBNY outspends the people they support. It's dirty as hell (and legal). Here in City Council District 22 (Astoria north of 34th Ave), REBNY supports Costa Constantinides. They've spend $106,000 on his behalf (Costa for Council has spent $121,000). That's why you keep getting glossy paper with his name on it. What does REBNY get for this? Well, maybe you should ask Costa. After all, he can't control who spends money on his behalf. And it's not like REBNY expects an quid pro quo. Of course not. Keep thinking that till rent stabilization is abolished.

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